Mission and Values

The Worlds of Jason Hamilton

Our Mission

To educate, entertain, and inspire through the use of storytelling.
Stories are a powerful medium, and our mission is to use stories to educate, entertain, and inspire. These can come from our own stories, but also through exposure to other popular media. We celebrate the escape and learning that comes from telling stories.


Geekery: We value all things nerdy. Everything must have a relation to something in science fiction or fantasy, as well as other popular media. These areas draw in large audiences and therefore provide an adequate platform to educate, entertain, and inspire.

Family Friendliness: We value stories that are of a family-friendly nature, stories that can be enjoyed by everyone. These are the stories that we aim to examine and/or create.

Honesty: We value honesty and transparency in our work. We believe that this will help us connect on a personal level with our audiences.

Efficiency: We value hard work and efficiency in areas of time management, strategy, and creation.

Creativity: We value the frequent and active working of the imagination.