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As Winter Spawns (Hardcover)

As Winter Spawns (Hardcover)

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Book 6 of the Roots of Creation Series.

Powerless. Abandoned. Without hope.

After her friend betrayed her and left her to die on a frozen, unfinished magical world, Jak must survive. Trapped on the frozen planet of Illadar, she must unlearn all she knows about magic and leadership, and replace it with pure instinct to keep living.

Not only does the barren wasteland threaten to freeze her and her armies to death, not only is there no way to find food, not only are scouts disappearing mysteriously, but there's only one cave and seven thousand people to house. Tensions are about to rise. In order to save herself, and all of her people, Jak ventures out into the unknown, with nothing but her wits and the love of her companion, Seph to guide her.

Will it be enough to weather the coming storm, or will she return too late?

As Winter Spawns is the sixth book in this captivating Roots of Creation series. If you like imaginative realms, magical showdowns, and heartfelt coming-of-age stories, then you’ll love Jason Hamilton’s enchanting tale.

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