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Lair of the Siren (Large Print Edition)

Lair of the Siren (Large Print Edition)

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In "Lair of the Siren", the mesmerizing second book in The Faerie Queen series by Jason Hamilton, brave heroine Una finds herself separated from her companion, George. 

But at the Faerie Queen’s wish, she encounters Guyon, a knight devoted to self-mastery and temperance. Their paths intertwine when they uncover a horrifying crime by the Sin of Lust, one of the Seven Deadly Sins, launching them on a dangerous quest to confront this monstrous evil.

As their journey into treacherous magical lands deepens, Una's growing powers bring her both potential and fear. Is this newfound strength a gift to destroy the Seven Deadly Sins, or does it draw from a darker source? Amidst mythical challenges and fearsome creatures, Una and Guyon face not only the external terror of the Sin of Lust, but also their internal battles.

"Lair of the Siren" delivers an unforgettable Arthurian tale of courage, unity, and the struggle for self-mastery. This exploration of the duality of magic and power keeps readers riveted, eagerly awaiting the next installment in The Faerie Queen series.

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