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Path of the Dragon (Illustrated Edition)

Path of the Dragon (Illustrated Edition)

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When the dragon attacked, she fled for her life. Can she make it right before she’s engulfed in flames?

England, Sixth Century. Eighteen-year-old Una doesn’t know if she’ll ever feel safe again. As the only survivor of a vicious draconic assault on her stronghold, the princess fears time is running out to return to her fortress and restore her home. But to make it back, she must traverse a treacherous woodland infested with murderous monsters.

Joining a meek knight with a mastery of combat, Una vows to bring down the scaly horrors. But when she discovers demons and warlocks pouring through a secretly opened portal, she’s terrified her enemy could be someone much closer than she imagined.

Will Una free her family and her palace before a sinister evil destroy all she’s ever known?

Path of the Dragon is the first book in the spellbinding Faerie Queen YA fantasy series. If you like fresh takes on Arthurian legends, wondrous beasts, and page-turning adventures, then you’ll love Jason Hamilton’s magical tale.

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