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The Dawn of Ra EBOOK

The Dawn of Ra EBOOK

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An Egyptian Mythology Lorebook


A god on Earth. Immortal. Powerful. And with no memory of how he arrived.

The Dawn of Ra plunges readers into the mystical depths of Ancient Egypt, where the mighty sun god Ra first graced the earth. This engaging entry in the Age of Myth Lorebook series recrafts the cherished Egyptian Creation Myth into an absorbing narrative, part of a larger shared universe that unifies the world's mythologies.

In the time before time, after calamity struck Earth, Ra broke through the eternal void, but had no knowledge of why he came, what his purpose was, or even his own name.

The chronicle traces Ra's compelling saga, loosely based on the Egyptian Creation Myth, as he arrives on a chaotic Earth, and sets out to find his children, Shu and Tefnut.

For those seeking more than just an exhilarating tale, they'll find insightful background information to further enrich their understanding of the characters and their mythological context.

"Dawn of Ra" is not merely a retelling, but a reimagination - a vibrant, captivating narrative where gods walk the earth and mankind stands on the brink of extinction. Welcome to the Lorebook series, a group of short, entertaining and educational books designed to put all of the world's mythologies into one cohesive narrative (known as the Argoverse), whilst also educating on the original myths that inspire the story.

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