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To Worlds Above (Dyslexia Friendly)

To Worlds Above (Dyslexia Friendly)

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Book 5 of the Roots of Creation Series.

As she is pursued deeper into the mountains, Jak must face her own inner demons.

Jak is on the run. After the mysterious reappearance of her friend, Marek, she must decide whether to stay with the body of her army, or go off in search of the illusive second Pillar of Eternity. But she must decide fast.

Cain is on his way, and his demons pursue her. And no one knows whether they should trust Jak's childhood friend, whom they had long presumed to be dead. But as Jak continues her journey, she will find greater trials than she has ever faced before, vision and choices that will shape her future, and that of the Fae, forever.

To Worlds Above is the fifth book in this captivating Roots of Creation series. If you like imaginative realms, magical showdowns, and heartfelt coming-of-age stories, then you’ll love Jason Hamilton’s enchanting tale.

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